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Kyodo Radio High Band

KG-208, PMR Hi Band


  • Wide frequency coverage.Models are available from 30Mhz up to
  • 520 MHz – more frequencies than any other manufacturer
  • Alphanumeric display.Large backlight characters at a glance
  • Emergency mode.Silent alarm in case of trouble
  • Password feature.Prevents unauthorized use
  • Voice encryption with band inversion method
  • Key lock feature to prevent tampering
  • Kill mode.Radio can be disabled and enabled remotely
  • PC programmable with friendly user software ad cable
  • Wide non-tuning bandwidth
  • Choice of transmitter power manual and per channel basis
  • 5 tone selcall
  • DTMF encoder/decoder
  • Two mode scan with two priority levels
  • Automatic number adentification (ANI)
  • Self diagnostics
  • Up to 200 channels (100 with alphanumeric label)
  • Time out timer with 6 second penalty
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Activity timer
  • Channel spacing selectable per channel (12,5 or 25 kHz)
  • Optional GPS receiver for AVL applications

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*NOS (New Old Stock)