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Product Details Price: 1750

MasterVolt Combi 24/3000

Sine Wave /Inverter, Back  Up/Charger/UPS

  • 220V/24V /100 UPS
  • Ideal as standby power/solar/grid/fully protected for back feed to mains, H,D Unit
    • 220V/24v  Full Auto Backup
    • Ideal as standby power
    • This unit is connected into your mains supply  between the grid input & the load to be backed up
    • A battery bank is connected to the unit
    • In normal mode with a grid supply the unit keeps the batteries charged
    • If the grid fails the unit automatically switched to draw current from the battery bank, inverting the DC voltage to AC 220 V
    • this allows the load to continue working without interruption
    • When the grid returns to service the unit switches back to standby & charges the batteries from the grid at 100 Amps DC. You can also charge your battery bank from a solar or wind generator source via this unit & run independent
    • of the Grid.
    • It can supply a load requiring 3.0 KW–the duration depends on the size of the battery bank & the load consumption
    • The unit will handle 6.0 KW for a short time
    • Half Price offer on this New old stock unit–never used –though we have many in use & sold around the globe