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Motorola GP320 VHF/UHF 4/5Watts


The Practical Professional Radio

  • The GP320 offers a simple single channel solution for professionals who require a high quality and reliable product. These radios are easy to use with a basic push to talk operation and are an ideal entry into two-way radio use. Choose the Practical Radio when the communication you want needs to be simple and effective.

    Main Features:

    • Signalling
      The radio software encompassesPrivate Line™ and 5-tone selectivesignalling
    • X-Pand™ Voice Compression andLow Level Expansion
      Crisp, clear and strong audio qualityin virtually any noisy environment.Low level expansion allows furtherimprovements in audio quality byreducing noise usually heard duringpauses in conversation
    • Emergency Signalling
      Sends help signal to a pre-definedperson or group of people
    • Lone Worker
      Added security and safety forindividuals who work remotely fromtheir team. The radio entersemergency mode if the user does notrespond to the warning signal
    • Adjustable Power Levels
      The radio output has two settings -low power extends battery life andhigh power allows the radio totransmit over a greater distance
    • Voice Operated Transmit (VOX)
      Hands free operation when used witha VOXheadset accessory
    • Whisper
      Allows a user to speak quietly into aradio and still be heard clearly
    • Time-out Timer
      Limits the amount of time a user hasto continuously transmit on achannel. This allows for moreefficient use of the channel
    • Call Forward
      Allows calls to be forwarded toanother radio user if you are unableto answer your calls personally
    • Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 KHz)
      Flexible and easy migration ofchannel spacing requirements in anysituation

    Frequency Range: VHF: 136-174MHz; UHF: 403-470MHz

    Memory Channels: 1