ICOM IC-7100 HF/50MHz VHF/UHF w/DSTAR and with 50 & 70 Mhz Base Station the most popular mobile radio in the world


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IC-7100 EUR Transceiver HF/VHF/UHF DSTAR

  • Tx: 160 m to 10 m, + 6 m, 4 m, 2 m, 70 cm

  • Rx: 30 kHz to 200 MHz and 430 to 470 MHz continuously

Icom changed the way hams think about mobile HC communication in 1995 with the introduction of the IC-706. Since then, the Icom Mobile HF radios have been the Performance HF mobile radio of choice. At the 2012 Tokyo Hamfair, Icom once again changed mobile HF communications by introducing the IC-7100. The ease of operation with fingertip control utilizing the intuitive touch screen interface with the power of 32-bit IF DSP.

Output Power

100W HF/70/50MHz
50W 144MHz
35W 430/440MHz

RX Frequencies:

0.030-199.99, 400-470

Receiver Type:

Triple conversion superheterodyne

Touch Screen Interface

The angled radio control head features a large, multi-function, “touch screen”‘ dot-matrix LCD display that is positioned for easy view and operation. It also allows you to operate it while wearing gloves. The control head’s rear panel includes an internal speaker plus jacks for external speaker/headphones, CW key and microphone.

The innovative touch screen interface provides quick operation for setting and editing various functions and memories. Just tap the frequency, mode, filter, function etc, and quickly navigate through the changes you want. Additionally, the touch screen also allows you to input alphanumeric characters for call signs or memory channels.

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