ICOM IC-7300 HF/70/50Mhz Base Station SDR 100Watt–the most loved & most popular Base Station in the world



IC-7300 EUR Base Station HF/50/70MHz Radio -100W

  • TX: Modification to cover the new 8 Meter 40–44 Mhz band & full 60 meters, as well as 5 Meters – 54 Mhz to 69 Mhz, is easily possible- information provided on request–we do not modify new sets here as Icom will then not honor warranty.

IC-7300 Options and Accessories-links to ICOM UK Click on BLUE ITEMS to see the accessories

  • AH-2B
    Mobile whip & bracket
  • AH-4
    100W HF Automatic Antenna Tuner can be used with a variety of Icom HF Amateur radios.
  • AH-5NV
    Fiberglass mobile mounting antenna element for use with AH-740.
  • AH-710
    2-30MHZ Folded dipole antenna
  • AH-740
    Covers 2.5-30MHz (amateur band). OPC-2321 is required.
  • HM-219
    Hand microphone with UP/DOWN switches.
  • MB-118
    For mounting IC-718, IC-7200, or IC-7300 in a vehicle.
  • MB-123
    Carrying Handle
  • OPC-2321
    Control cable adapter for AH-740
  • OPC-420
    Control cable for connection with AH-4 (10m)
  • OPC-599
    Accessory extension cable
  • PS-126
    The PS-126 external switching power supply unit replaces the PS-125.
  • RC-28
    The RC-28 IP Remote Control System, allows Radio Amateurs to remotely operate selected Icom amateur transceivers. The software comes complete with remote control USB encoder and will work with the IC-7100, IC-7200, IC-7300, IC-7410, and IC-9100 with a USB cable, and with the IC-756PROIII, IC-7000, IC-7400, IC-7610, IC-7700, IC-7800, IC-7850 and IC-7851 with a RS-232C cable.
  • SM-30
    The SM-30 Desktop Microphone is an entry-level desktop microphone designed to work with Icom’s range of HF base station radios.
  • SM-50
    The Icom SM-50 is a stylish unidirectional desktop microphone with a flexible neck, designed for base station operation with Icom’s range of HF transceivers.
  • SP-23
    The SP-23 external speaker has been designed for use with Icom base station transceivers and receivers.
  • SP-33
    The SP-33 is a compact, external speaker designed for Icom’s range of HF base stations.
  • SP-34
    The SP-34 is an external speaker with built-in audio filters which has been designed for Icom’s high-end Amateur radio base stations.
  • SP-35
    The SP-35 external speaker replaces the SP-22 or SP-25 external speakers currently supplied with some of our mobile radios. The SP-35 is very similar to the SP-22 or SP-25 but features a more stylish, modern design.
  • SP-35L
    External Speaker with 6m cable
  • SP-38
    The SP-38 external desktop speaker has been specifically designed to complement the appearance of the IC-7300 as well as improving the listening experience from its large diameter speaker.
  • SP-41
    Matching External Speaker for the IC-7610

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