ICOM IC-7610 SDR Base Station HF/50 MHz-TOP QUALITY W/Ethernet Server . NEW


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IC-7610 EUR Base Station HF/50MHz Radio. This Radio is as good as it gets in terms of Receiver capability, excellent touchscreen easy menu, superb distortion-free transmitter, and everything you need to operate stand-alone or interface with one of our ACOM linear amplifiers.   Please note any modifications required will be an extra cost. Remote operations are simple and straightforward. Use the RS-BA1 System for best results.

  • TX: Modification to cover the new 8 Meter 40–44 Mhz band & full 60 meters, as well as 5 Meters – 54 Mhz to 69 Mhz, is easily possible- 

IC-7610 SDR HF/50MHz Transceiver

Whether it is poor band conditions, or battling to pick out a call in a large pile-up, faint signals have always been a challenge for DXers and Contesters around the world. The difference between putting the QSO in the log or having to try another time is the capability of your receiver. One key factor is the RMDR capabilities, the ability to pick out a faint signal in the presence of stronger, adjacent signals. The IC-7610 introduces dual RF direct sampling receivers, achieving 110dB RMDR, rivaling that of top-of-the-line transceivers.

Innovative RF Direct Sampling System
Introduced with the IC-7300, Icom’s RF Direct Sampling System has made SDR performance affordable. Direct Sampling means incoming RF signals are digitized by the Analog-to-Digital Converter and immediately processed by the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array). This process dramatically reduces distortion that naturally occurs in the various mixer stages found in traditional superheterodyne receivers.

Astonishing 110 dB* RMDR
The RF Direct Sampling System in the IC-7610 is capable of 110 dB RMDR. This performance gives you the ability to pull weak signals out of the noise of strong adjacent signals. There is a difference you can hear as the desired signal comes out of the pileup!
* Representative value at 2 kHz frequency separation (Received frequency: 14.2 MHz, Mode: CW, IF BW: 500 Hz)

IC-7610 HF/50MHz Dual Rx SDR Transceiver

This is the rig  Experienced HF Operators, DXers, and Contesters around the world have been discussing passionately. Whether it is a poor band condition or battling to pick out a call in a large pile-up, of faint signals, this direct sampling, software-defined radio will eliminate faint signal frustrations, changing the world’s definition of an SDR transceiver. The IC-7610 with its RMDR capabilities will be able to pick out weak signals in the midst of stronger, adjacent signals. With the introduction of a dual RF direct sampling receiver, the IC-7610 achieves 110dB RMDR, times TWO, rivaling that of other top-of-the-line transceivers. The large 7-inch color display illuminates various operational information with its high-resolution screen. The IC-7610 also has a DVI-D port for use with an external display. Enjoy smooth, intuitive, and quick operation with the combination of a touchscreen and multi-function control.


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