ACOM 2000SW Automatic antenna selector & SWITCH/PSU–Complete system

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ACOM 2000SW Remote Antenna Switch and Selector-controller/w/psu

ACOM 2000S is a digital control unit designed to provide fully automatic antenna switching capabilities.

When used in combination with the ACOM 2000SW and the ACOM 2000A Automatic HF Linear Amplifier, antenna selection information generated by the ACOM 2000A is communicated to the 2000S.

The 2000S displays the currently selected antenna and drives the control signals needed to operate the remotely located ACOM 2000SW.

In addition to the ACOM 2000A control port, the 2000S includes a general-purpose RS232 control port. This port can be driven by a pc, allowing the 2000S/2000SW combination to be used in environments where computer-controlled switching of multiple antennas is required.

Software is available for automatic tuning of all antennas on all band segments when using the 2000S and 2000SW with the 2000A. This DOS software is written to support the Yaesu FT-1000MP as the computer-controlled signal source. It also requires a special set of cables. Contact ACOM for more details.

Additional information

Weight2.00 kg

Monitors "ready to transmit" parallel input signal from antenna switch and generates "transmit inhibit" output signal to the transceiver for maximum operating flexibility and anti-hot switching protection.
Directly compatible with ACOM 2000A automatic HF linear amplifier and ACOM 2000SW remote antenna switch; control is compatible with other systems via inverse BCD output code and RS232 serial input for PC etc.
Local Network capability, compatible with ACOM 2000A automatic HF linear amplifier.
Antenna number 7-segment LED indicator plus sound alarm.

Technical specifications:

Number of antennas selectable : 1 from 10.1 Input control: RS232 +/-12V serial port of ACOM 2000A and/or PC, simple commands.
Output control: 4-bit inverted parallel BCD code,27V/25mA bit levels.
Power supply : 120/240VAC internally selectable, +/- 10% tolerance, 50-60Hz, 15VA.
Operating temperature range : 0 to + 50 C .
Dimensions: W 131 mm (5-1/8") x H 41 mm (1-2/3") x D 162 mm (6-1/3").
Weight: 1.3 kg (0.6 lbs).


Manual Sw


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