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AH-740 Automatic Tuning Antenna Compact 2.5-30MHz

AH-740 Automatic Tuning Antenna

Covers 2.5-30MHz (amateur band). OPC-2321 is required.

The self-contained multiband antenna tuner creates a unified wide-range mobile antenna of exceptional capability. Designed to facilitate mobile HF communications for commercial and military users around the world; they are both rugged and reliable.

Key Features/Specifications:

– Covers 2.5-30MHz (amateur band).
– Relay-driven compact automatic tuning antenna
– Compact and lightweight (3.5kg)
– 150mS typical high speed tuning (while memory tuning)
– Low power consumption (0.4A typical)
– Electronic automatic tuning antenna
– Lightweight (7.7 lbs.)
-150ms typical high-speed tuning while memory tuning
– Low power consumption (0.4A typical)
– Operating temperature: minus 40 degrees F to plus 158 degrees F
– Supplied accessories: Control cable and coaxial cable; 19.7 ft. each

Link to ICOM UK Below

  • OPC-2321
    Control cable adapter for AH-740

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