Balun LPDA T6 thru to T12 Tennadyne antennas-make your own 3KW rating .

How TO


Wind the balun on a 4 inch or 10 cm former, the former can be 1.75 in or 5 cm wide-plastic pipe, etc.

Use good quality flexible– RG8U cable–of course, you can wind the balun into the full cable length if you wish, avoiding any connectors at the tower.
At a minimum make sure your cable extends more than the length of half the boom by at least 1 meter after the balun has been wound.
Wind 4 turns neatly onto the former -leaving a tail of about 7 or 8 inches -20 cm temporarily use cable ties if necessary–continue with another 4 turns on top of the first 4 turns -8 turns in all see pic..
The tail of 7 “-8” is for antenna connection–connect the center conductor to the upper boom & the outer to the lower boom at the front end of the antenna.
If you wish you can also use cable insulators to separate the RG8U a little below the lower element–not strictly necessary. I never use insulators here-never any issue.
Use good strong cable ties every 6 ” /15 cm or so to strap the RG8U to the underside of the lower boom–weather & UV will eventually destroy the best cable tie.
Cable shrink -Denso tape – for waterproofing the cable -crimp connectors are less prone to breaking due to vibration.
Plug the inner ends of the elements if you do not want the antenna to “sing” in the wind
To test your antenna before installing–hang it vertically so the longest element is 10 feet over the ground –well clear of any near field obstacles and do a frequency run.


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Additional information

Antenna Construction

HowTo” Model 1:1 Balun – DB1143; DB1152; DB11K
This balun for standard dipole antenna.
Please check all connections when install.
Use this table when install and then tune with analyzer
Wavelength table
Band MHz λ λ/2 λ/4
160 meter 1,81 MHz 165,75 Meter 82,87 Meter 41,44 Meter
80 meter 3,6 MHz 83,33 Meter 41,66 Meter 20,83 Meter
60 meter 5,35 MHz 56,07 Meter 28,04 Meter 14,02 Meter
40 meter 7,1 MHz 42,25 Meter 21,13 Meter 10,56 Meter
30 meter 10,1 MHz 29,70 Meter 14,85 Meter 7,43 Meter
20 meter 14,15 MHz 21,20 Meter 10,60 Meter 5,30 Meter
17 meter 18,1 MHz 16,57 Meter 8,29 Meter 4,14 Meter
15 meter 21,2 MHz 14,15 Meter 7,08 Meter 3,54 Meter
12 meter 24,95 MHz 12,02 Meter 6,01 meter 3,00 Meter
10 meter 28,4 MHz 10,56 Meter 5,28 Meter 2,64 Meter
Note that the shortening factor of the wire is not included in the table. So the antenna will be about 5% shorter in reality.
Full size dipole its 1/2lambda.


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