SPID-BIG-RAK Rotator–fully remotely controlable-Tough & Long Life BIG-RAK

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The BIG-Rak rotator works with controller Rot1Prog. It can be used for rotating antennas, such as Yagi and heavy shortwave antennas. It is based on the worm gear, worm, and worm wheel made of steel (as pictured). These features ensure the long life and durability of the device. Its advantage is the possibility to adjust the worm and worm wheel meshing, clearing backlash in the drive mechanism, which may be necessary in the case of wear and tear after long-term use. The device surface is covered with powder coating, effectively protecting against corrosion. Range trading is protected by limit switches. Spares are readily available from stock.


Rotating Torque:8000
Rotating Torque – 24V:8000
Braking Torque:24000
Vertical load:>700lbs
Break type:Double worm
Mast plate:Metal
Reduction ratio:6120 / 1
Encoder type:Magnetic 6 pulse
Precision:0.5° / 0.5°
Rotation angle:360° +/- 180°
Rotation time for 360°:240 sec.
Rotation time for 360° – 24V:145 sec.
Electric motor:12 Vdc
Environment:-20° / +50°
Weight antenna rotor:15 Kg

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