Dipole- VHF- 4 Meters-70Mhz –assembled-used good 66-88 Mhz SDH-80


These can be stacked in sets of 2 or 4 for higher gain –then a phasing harness is necessary & available also for us -while stocks last

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4 Meter or 66–88 Mhz Band Folded Dipole ( 70 Mhz)–ex Wescom telecoms some used also all clearing 75.00 Each as is–these were over 120? in 1985–2007-some ex-commercial PMR use made either by Procom Denmark or Telecommunications Ltd Dublin.

2 Meter Folded dipole is also available SDH 125  just one left Air Band 75.00  ideal RX only or for a small airport base station


Type SDH is a robust folded dipole of exceptional bandwidth suitable for
mounting on the side of a mast or tower. Electrical connections are fully
sealed. The integral balun minimizes interaction between antennas on the
same mast and prevents distortion of the polar diagram by feeder radiation.
Two or four SDH dipoles can be stacked vertically and fed in phase to give
an all-round gain of 3dB or 6dB respectively. (Refer to Base Station Antennas
Application Notes). Due to the wide bandwidth characteristic of this
antenna, it is possible to use one antenna for both transmitting and receiving
without introducing any loss. The received signal response of type SDH is
flat to more than 20% of the center frequency


With the use of a phasing harness, these antennas can be stacked –we have phasing harnesses 2 or 4 stack types–all N Series connectors to match the antenna connector are installeded

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