Garmin GHP Autopilot SmartPump


The SmartPump puts an end to guessing which pump size will work with your particular boat. One SmartPump works for most boats, giving you the assurance that you have the right pump for optimum control and confidence. Plus, you get complete control in a smaller size with better thermal performance, higher reliability and lower power consumption. It also includes colour-coded connectors to make it very easy to install. Pretty smart.

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The SmartPump automatically adjusts the maximum flow rate for a particular boat from 0 to 2.4 L per minute. Because the SmartPump uses a brushless motor, there is no direct electrical connection between the drive circuit and the rotor. This provides increased reliability, longer pump life, reduced power consumption, quiet operation, a smaller package, improved thermal performance and higher efficiency. SmartPump is one integrated unit comprised of a motor drive circuit with the pump in a single assembly. Equipped with Intelligent Rudder Rate Technology (IRRT), it slows the rudder rate when the vessel is at high speeds and speeds up rudder rate when the vessel is at lower speeds to provide optimal performance and safety in all conditions. The Garmin SmartPump is protected from the elements and is engineered from corrosion-resistant components including black dye on aluminium parts and nickel-plating on all steel parts. In The Box GHP SmartPump.


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