Garmin GPS 10 DE Luxe-only used to see how it worked


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used equipment in box clearing out

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All I can say regarding this unit/software package is WOW!!! I purchased it for driving directions and also purchased a Bluetooth Speaker Kit for it so I don’t have t look at the screen for my position if I need to turn a lot. This unit is well worth the money in that it also allows a topo map capability (Topo Software additional cost but it too it worth it if you hunt or hike very much). This unit is easy to set up, locks in rapidly, is small and with the built in magnetic mount with the vecro tape capabiliy is very versatile. In summary, it has to be seen to be believed. I use mine wih a Dell Axim X30 PDA and have the 2000 Mha extended battery so there is no problem with a full day’s use and no recharge. The only advice I might give (for hiking and so on) is to make sre you have the DC (Cigarett Lighter) adapter for it. If you are handy in electronics, you can even make a beltpack for it via the Cigarette Lighter adaper should you need a longer battery life.

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