Garmin Power/Data Cable for Legacy GPS & GPSMAP


Power and data cable has bare wires at the end so you can hard wire your GPS directly to a DC power source or some other electronic device. This connection allows you to send speed and position data to devices such as a chartplotter, computer, auto pilot, radar, etc. .

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Compatible with; Fishfinder 320C GBR 21 GPS 120 GPS 120XL GPS 125 Sounder GPS 126 GPS 128 GPS 152 GPS 152H GPSMAP 130 GPSMAP 135 Sounder GPSMAP 162 GPSMAP 180 GPSMAP 182/182C GPSMAP 192C GPSMAP 205 GPSMAP 210 GPSMAP 215 GPSMAP 220 GPSMAP 225 GPSMAP 230 GPSMAP 232 GPSMAP 235 Sounder


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