Hybrid Inverter 5-6-8-10 -12 KW 230V AC 50 HZ

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Ask for a quotation for your Hybrid Inverter –all of our inverters can be operated in parallel, growing your system as desired -the inverter can be operated from an installed battery bank, either Lead Acid or L I –to deliver power upon grid failure and also to charge the batteries from the grid. If you add in a solar panel system –these will, of course, charge the batteries & deliver the grid voltage to your appliances & deliver any surplus to the grid–also you can add in a Diesel generator  (DG) which will be called up should the grid go down and if  the batteries become discharged–

The inverter can be used also without a battery bank –in this case, once the grid fails then power is lost until the grid returns –this is typical in most installed solar plants–however with a battery system connected, power is maintained for as long as the battery remains above its critical voltage–thus you size the battery according to the desired performance-estimated outage and following consultation with your installer.

When a DG is connected, then as the battery approaches critical voltage-the DG is automatically called up & power is restored.

Once the grid returns the DG shuts down–the batteries are then if required, charged  again from the grid–usually done on a night rate for the best economy

If however the grid remains down & there is sufficient light-then power is again restored from the solar panel array–DG is shut down & batteries are re-charged also grid power is again available via the inverter–to power your appliances.

All parameters are fully programable.

ModelsWES-5K-5000 watt     WES-6K-6000 wattWES-8K-8000 wattWES-10K-10000 wWES-12K-12000 w
Battery Input Data
Battery TypeLead-acid or Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage Range (V)40~60V
Max. Charging Current (A)120A150A190A210A240A
Max. Discharging Current (A)120A150A190A210A240A
Charging Curve3 Stages / Equalization
External Temperature SensorYes
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion BatterySelf-adaption to BMS
PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W)6500W7800W10400W13000W15600W
Rated PV Input Voltage (V)550V(160V~800V)
Start-up Voltage (V)160V
MPPT Range (V)200V-650V
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V)350V-650V
PV Input Current (A)13A+13A26A+13A
Max. PV ISC (A)17A+17A34A+17A
Number of MPPT / Strings per MPPT2/12/2+1
AC Output Data
Rated AC Output and UPS Power (W)5000W6000W8000W10000W12000W
Max. AC Output Power (W)5500W6600W8800W11000W13200W
Peak Power (off grid)2 times of rated power, 10 S
AC Output Rated Current (A)7.6/7.29.1/8.712.1/11.615.2/14.518.2/17.4
Max AC Output  Current (A)8.4/810/9.613.4/12.816.7/15.920/19.1
Max. AC Current (A)11.4/10.913.6/1318.2/17.422.7/21.727.3/26.1
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (A)45A
Output Frequency and Voltage50/60Hz;3L/N/PE 220/380Vac,230/400Vac
Grid TypeThree Phase
Current Harmonic DistortionTHD<3% (Linear load<0.5%)
Max. Efficiency97.60%
Euro Efficiency97.00%
MPPT Efficiency99.90%
PV Input Lightning ProtectionIntegrated
Anti-islanding ProtectionIntegrated
PV String Input Reverse Polarity ProtectionIntegrated
Insulation Resistor DetectionIntegrated
Residual Current Monitoring UnitIntegrated
Output Over Current ProtectionIntegrated
Output Shorted ProtectionIntegrated
Output Over Voltage ProtectionIntegrated
Surge protectionDC Type II / AC Type Ⅲ
Certifications and Standards
Grid RegulationCEI 0-21, VDE-AR-N 4105, NRS 097, IEC 62116, IEC 61727, G99, G98, VDE 0126-1-1, RD 1699, C10-11
Safety EMC / StandardIEC/EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2
General Data
Operating Temperature Range (℃)-40~60℃, >45℃ Derating
CoolingSmart cooling
Noise (dB)<45 dB
Communication with BMSRS485; CAN
Weight (kg)33.6
Size (mm)422W×702H×281D
Protection DegreeIP65
Installation StyleWall-mounted
Warranty5 years



Additional information


Technical Data


Battery Input Data
Battery Type
Battery Voltage Range (V) Max. Charging Current (A) Max. Discharging Current (A) External Temperature Sensor Charging Curve
Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery
PV String Input Data



Lead-acid or Lithium-ion 40~60
3 Stages / Equalization Self-adaption to BMS



Max. DC Input Power (W) Rated PV Input Voltage (V) Start-up Voltage (V)
MPPT Voltage Range (V)
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V) PV Input Current (A)
Max. PV ISC (A)
No.of MPP Trackers
No.of Strings per MPP Tracker
AC Output Data





550 (160~800)






Rated AC Output Active Power (W) 5000 6000 8000 10000 12000
Max AC Output Active Power (W) 5500 6600 8800 11000 13200
AC Output Rated Current (A) 7.6/7.2 9.1/8.7 12.1/11.6 15.2/14.5 18.2/17.4
Max AC Output Current (A) 8.4/8 10/9.6 13.4/12.8 16.7/15.9 20/19.1
Max. Three-phase Unbalanced Output Current (A) 11.4/10.9 13.6/13 18.2/17.4 22.7/21.7 27.3/26.1
Max Output short circuit current (A) 75
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (A) 45
Peak Power (off grid) 2 time of rated power, 10 S
Power Factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging

Output Frequency and Voltage Grid Type

50/60Hz; 3L/N/PE 220/380, 230/400Vac
Three Phase

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <3% (of nominal power)
DC current injection <0.5% In

Max. Efficiency Euro Efficiency MPPT Efficiency



PV Input Lightning Protection, Anti-islanding Protection, PV String Input Reverse Polarity Protection, Insulation Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Unit, Output Over Current Protection, Output Shorted Protection, Surge protection

Output Over Voltage Protection DC Type II/AC Type III
Certifications and Standards
Grid Regulation VDE4105, IEC61727/62116, VDE0126, AS4777.2, CEI 0 21, EN50549-1, G98, G99, C10-11, UNE217002, NBR16149/NBR16150
Safety EMC / Standard IEC/EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2
General Data

Operating Temperature Range (℃) Cooling
Noise (dB) Communication with BMS Weight (kg)
Size (mm) Protection Degree Installation Style Warranty