IC-F5022M Battery Backup Version

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1C-F5022M Battery Backup VersionThe Battery Backup version of Icom’s IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is ideal for any maritime organisation that is reliant on continual Marine VHF radio communications.

This unit provides organisations with added reassurance by automatically switching from mains to battery dependant in the event of a power faliure/outage. The batteries, which can provide up to 14 hours back up for the mains base station, will automatically recharge and the unit will switch back to AC operation when the mains supply is restored.

This new version of Icom’s marine base station is very practical and easy to use. It will provide extra reassurance for organisations such as marinas, ports, yacht clubs that require reliable communications with vessels from the shore. The battery-powered unit could also be ideal for temporary base station use, disaster or emergency use where mains power may not be available.

Duty Cycle Information (Guide Only)
• A duty cycle of 10% TX, 10 % RX and 80%. Standby gives battery backup of over 12 hours* use upon the mains failing (from fully charged).
• A duty cycle of 5% TX, 5% RX and 90%. Standby gives battery backup of over 20 hours* use upon the mains failing (from fully charged).
*Based on the following typical radio specs: TX: 7Amps, RX: 1.2Amps & Standby: 0.3Amps. Batteries should charge from flat within 5hrs

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