IC-M801E MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver (Discontinued)The IC-M801E is based on the IC-M802 NMEA award-winning transceiver and meets Class E standards for non-SOLAS vessels.

This product is no longer available. If you are looking for a replacement, then please visit the IC-M802 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver product page.

Please note that this model does not comply with the latest EU type-approval specifications.

Industry Standard 110mm x 220mm Size Remote Controller
The IC-M801E features a remote head measuring only 220mm wide, 110mm high, and 84.4mm deep. The ‘black box’ main body of the transceiver mounts out of the way and out of sight. 12-volt wires hook up directly to the transceiver black box. The same black box also hooks into a GPS, laptop computer, and e-mail modem. There’s an accessory socket for an external speaker mountable independently of the remote head. There are automatic antenna tuner connections for the remote Icom automatic antenna coupler.

Large Backlit, Dot-Matrix LCD Display With 10 Selectable Lighting Levels
The IC-M801E front panel sports a full keypad, allowing direct frequency entry. The large dot-matrix display offers 10 levels of backlighting and is easy to see, day or night. Large dials and buttons allow for easy operation in rough seas. Icom has included a headphone socket on the front panel, allowing the operator to operate the radio without disturbing others.

Digital Signal Processing
The DSP-controlled digital IF filter provides flexible filter settings for narrowband signals like SITOR and FSK without having to install an optional narrow filter.

12V Power Supply Available
The IC-M801E has a built-in DC-DC power converter, which provides 1.6V DC from 12V DC.

Automatic Antenna Tuner, AT-141
An optional automatic tuner, AT-141 easily connects to the IC-M801E. If the tuner cannot tune the antenna, the IC-M801E bypasses the tuner and displays an alert on the display.


125W (PEP) of Output Power
A stable 125W of output power can provide reliable long-distance communication. The large cooling fan ensures stable internal temperature even during high-duty operation.

Standard Accessories
Supplied accessories include separation cable, HS-98 telephone handset, SP-24 external speaker, mounting bracket kits, DC Power cables, ACC plugs, and spare fuses.

1195 Channels
The IC-M801E is pre-programmed with 1035 international and domestic channels, plus 160 user-programmable favorite frequency channels that can be programmed into the radio by an authorized Icom dealer.

IC-M801E Additional Features
• Email capable, (laptop, radio modem and email service provider are required)
• 2-step power saver function
• 0.5-29.999MHz continuous receiver coverage
• D-SUB connector for NBDP/FSK terminal
• GPS connector
• RS-232C/NMEQA connector
• Printer controller

Additional information

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