IC-M804 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver

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IC-M804 MF/HF Marine SSB Transceiver

  • IC-M804 MF/HF Marine SSB TransceiverThe IC-M804 is a long-range MF/HF Class E DSC radio for ocean-going sailors and commercial non-GMDSS operators. Based on the MED-approved Class A GMDSS radio GM800, the IC-M804 is packed with features to keep users safe including an intuitive user interface, color TFT LCD display, audio replay, GPS, and more.

    The IC-M804 conforms to the latest European and International standards and is CE marked for the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). It is currently the only CE-marked Class E DSC Marine MF/HF radio available in the market. (At time of publication (10/11/21).

    Class E DSC MF/HF SSB Radio
    The IC-M804 meets ITU-R M.493-15 Class E DSC regulations and is based on the MED-approved GM800 Class A GMDSS radio. The IC-M804 will provide long-distance communications for non-GMDSS vessels with almost identical features and functions except for the different DSC classes. In an emergency, by pressing the large independent Distress button you will be able to send an automated digital Distress signal. The digital Distress signal with GNSS coordinates calls for help from other ships or coastal stations.

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