Icom IC-R8600 SDR Receiver to 3 GHz



  • Technical Description IC-R8600

    Up to 30 MHz, the IC-R8600 operates as a direct-scanning SDR, from 30 to 1100 MHz a double superhet is connected in series as a down-converter, from 1100 to 3000 a triple superhet. 24 automatically selected band filters (11 on shortwave, 13 on V/U/SHF) ensure that the AD converter is not “overrun” with unwanted signals. Thus it achieves an excellent IP3 of +30 dBm at 14.1 MHz, at 144 MHz it is still a very good +10 dBm and at 440 MHz 0 dBm. The dynamic range is specified by the manufacturer as 105 dB, which is excellent for a universal wideband receiver. For particularly high accuracy and stability requirements, an external 10 MHz reference frequency can be fed in.
    Another special feature of the IC-R8600 is that it can also decode a number of digital modes itself. Thus, in addition to the usual analogue modes AM, FM, WFM (broadcast), SSB and CW, decoding of P25, NXDN and D-Star is also possible. In keeping with the spirit of Software Defined Radios, there is no need to buy additional filters; the filter width of the decoder is conveniently set via the touch display, just as you need it.
    The display is the same size as on the IC-7300 and IC-9700 transceivers (4.3 inch / 10.9 cm diagonal); it is also a touch display on the IC-R8600. For operation, 13.8 V DC (max. 2 A) can be fed from a car or from an existing power supply unit or one available as an accessory. With a width of 220 mm, but a height of only 90 mm and a depth of 230 mm, the unit is compact despite the large display.

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