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RS-MS3A Terminal/Access point mode application for Android req OPC-2350LU

RS-MS3A App Software

Terminal/Access point mode application for Android

The RS-MS3A is an Android device application designed to expand the DV mode capability of a D-STAR transceiver using a Terminal or an Access Point mode.

These modes enable D-STAR operations by sending signals from the D-STAR transceiver over the Internet, even when that transceiver is out of range of a D-STAR repeater. The transceiver sends your voice signals using a Wi-Fi Internet, 3G, or LTE network, through an Android device.

1. Terminal mode
By operating the D-STAR transceiver through the Android device, you can contact other D-STAR transceivers. In the Terminal mode, the transceiver will not transmit an RF signal, even if [PTT] is held down, because the microphone audio signal is transmitted through a Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE network.

2. Access Point mode
In this mode, the D-STAR transceiver functions as a Wi-Fi access point. The D-STAR transceiver repeats the received signal from the Android device, to other D-STAR transceivers. Refer to the instruction manual (PDF) for setting details. The instruction manual can be downloaded from the ICOM Japan web site.

Device requirements
1 Android 5.0 or later
2 Touch screen Android device
3 USB On-The-Go (OTG) host function
4 Public IP address

Compatible transceivers (As of May. 2019)
ID-51E (“PLUS2” only)

– An OPC-2350LU data communication cable is also required.


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