Plastimo -One Way valve -Marine 67232…. 2D4


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Prevents backflow into the bilges: mounted as close as possible to the strainer, the non-return valve locks up the water in the hose.


• Material: PA6 with specific flame-retardant treatment.
• Installation : on fuel hose Ø 25 mm or 38 mm.
• Homologation: compliant with SAE J1527 standard, ISO 10088, ISO 7840, and USCG standards.

Anti-return valve device to mount on the hose according to the recommendations of the above-mentioned standards.

Designed to equip large fuel tanks that generate a large airflow: it provides efficient venting on large fuel tanks that can use a fuel nozzle delivering 100 to 120 L/min.

A ball inside acts as a float switch that closes the valve when fuel has reached the level required.

Designed by the Plastimo R & D team to meet the needs of boatbuilders: the Ø 25 mm anti-return valve is a simple and economical solution that eliminates the need to install several Ø 16 mm valves in parallel, with all the handling and costly fireproof accessories that it implies.


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