Remote Power -ON adaptor for A2000 RPON


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Remote Power -ON adaptor for A2000 RPON—switches on the A2000  for remote–also see EBox

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg

Frequency Coverage: All amateur bands 1.8-54MHz.
Through-line Power: up to 200W PEP or continuous carrier.
Input and Output Impedances: – 50 Ohm nominal, unbalanced, UHF (SO239) type connectors. – VSWR below 1.1:1 (1.8-54MHz); below 1.2:1 up to 80MHz.
Power Supply: 11-14 VDC, less than 30mA consumption.
Size & Weight (operating): W110mm x D42mm x H67mm, 350g, incl. cables (4-1/3”W x 1-2/3”D x 2-2/3”H, 0.8Lbs).
Operating Temperature Range: 0…+50 deg. Celsius.



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