Solar Panel 1/3 cell technology 560 Watt Panel-Large Panel- The most efficient technology today


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DHM-T72X10/FS(BW)-545~560W TUV Certified 

Full-Screen | 1/3 Cut | 545W to 560W
  • Brand:DAH Solar
  • Type :1/3 Cut Full-Screen PV Module
  • Max. Power :560W
  • Dimensions :2279×1134×32mm
  • Certificate :TÜV/CE/INMETRO/PV CYCLE
  • Warranty :25 Years
    •  Low current, increase power generation 1/3 design, lower current, and lower loss.
    • Increasing power generation by 6-15%+ Panel is capable to decrease power generation loss caused by Dust and reduce the hot spot risk. 
    • Curved Surface 128°R Angle Reduce holding pressure by 75%+ Curved Frame with ergonomic Design, optimized Delivery, and Installation Experience.
    • Revolutionary Assembling Technology Using excellent frame assembling technology, Strong Adhesion, and Durable in Use.
    • Excellent mechanical load capacity Certified by Dust-Sand, Salt-Mist, Ammonia, etc. weather resistance tests and enhanced mechanical load: wind load (2400 Pa) and snow load (5400 Pa).

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