Procom FLG Deck-Mount for Marine Antennas Based on Mount  – for CX Antenna range 2D4


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The very best marine antenna Deck or surface mount flange for the CX4 antenna

Procom FLG Deck-Mount for Marine Antennas Based on Mount  – for CXL21

Using this flange all antennas specifically designed for mounting on 1” threaded water pipe can be mounted on deck, wheelhouse roof, cabin roof, or any other horizontal or near-horizontal surface.

Inside the marine sector, the 1” water pipe mounting system for antennas has gained worldwide acceptance. The antennas are equipped with a revolving nut, which fits 1” threaded water pipe. From the Procom line of marine antennas the following models, which are designed for this type of fixation, can be mentioned:

CXL 3-1, CXL 2-1/…, CXL 2-3, CXL-VHF/GSM, MARCELL, MARCELL 3+, CXL 70-1/…, CXL 70-3/…, CXL 900-1/…, CXL 900-3/…, CXL 1800-1/…, CXL 1800-3/…, CXL 1800-6/…, CXL 2400-1/…, CXL 2400-3/…,

CXL 2400-6/…, CXL 900/1800, CXL 900/1800/1900, and GPS 4/….

These antenna types are immediately installable using the FLG.

The FLG is made of triple chrome-plated solid brass. The supplied fittings are made of stainless steel.

The accompanying tapered spacer is used to compensate for inclining surfaces to make the antenna stand in a vertical position. The disc is made of UV-stabilized plastic and is able to level out deck-tilting up to 7.5°.

Please note that an antenna should always be mounted as unobstructed as possible. Objects in the vicinity of the antenna, especially parallel metallic parts (other antennas, wires, etc.) may have a considerable degrading influence on the SWR and the radiation pattern of the antenna.

The FLG deck mounting clamp is a member of a complete family of Procom clamps for 1”-pipe mount antennas. The complete family is shown below. Using the FLG or one of these accessory items, a vast majority of all installations can be undertaken.




Additional information

Weight1.0 kg

Ultra-compact body (W × H × D; 156.5 × 66.5 × 110.1 mm)
Easy-to-read full dot-matrix display
Intuitive user interface
New speaker delivers dynamic, clear audio
Class-leading receiver performance (IMD and Selectivity: more than 70 dB)
Built in GPS Receiver and External GPS Antenna
IPX7 Waterproof Construction (1 m depth of water for 30 minutes)
Built-in Class D DSC with a CH70 dedicated receiver (IC-M330GE meets ITU-R M.493-14)


Microphone. Supplied as standard with the IC-M330GE.
Designed for Non- SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, workboats and small vessels, the MA-500TR is a compact, waterproof Class B AIS transponder that actively notifies other vessels of your exact position, thus increasing your safety at sea. The MA-500TR also has a dual channel receiver allowing boat owners to receive AIS information (both Class A and Class B AIS signals) on two channels simultaneously. This real-time information is then displayed on its large, backlit full dot-matrix display giving the boat owner real-time vessel traffic information thus aiding navigation and collision avoidance. The MA-500TR can work independently or connect with a PC or other marine network equipment. When connected to a compatible Icom VHF radio , an individual DSC call can be made easily from the MA-500TR.
The MA-510TR is an all in one stand-alone unit that combines both AIS transponder and a sharp display in a compact design that features an attractive and easy to read the wide-angled colour screen, legible even in direct sunlight. The MA-510TR advanced AIS transponder boasts a whole host of important features including a navigation function that guides the operator to their destination, silent mode, USB-connectivity, man overboard navigation function and collision alarm function.
Flush Mount Kit for IC-M330GE VHF/DSC radio
External Hailer Horn Speaker with Bracket

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