Wescom -MEG HYbrid Inverter 230 V AC-50/60 HZ Solar -DG- Battery-3KW small inverter


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Our hybrid inverters can be operated stand-alone or in parallel, growing your system as desired -the inverter can be operated from an installed battery bank, either Lead Acid or L I –to deliver power upon grid failure and also to charge the batteries from the grid. If you add in a solar panel array  –these will, of course, charge the batteries & deliver the grid voltage to your appliances & deliver/sell any surplus to the grid–also you can add in a Diesel generator  (DG) which will be called up should the grid go down and if the batteries become discharged–

The inverter can be used also without a battery bank –in this case, once the grid fails then power is lost until the grid returns –this is typical in most installed solar plants and the biggest fail when considering your solar system. However with a battery system connected, power is maintained for as long as the battery remains above its critical voltage–thus you size the battery according to the desired performance-estimated outage and following consultation with your installer. When a Diesel Generator is connected, then as the battery approaches critical voltage-the DG is automatically called up & power is continued.

Once the solar array or the grid delivers power again the DG is shut down–the batteries are then if they have become discharged, charged again from the grid or the solar array–if from the grid this is usually done on a night rate for the best economy.


Ask for a quotation for any component or for your complete hybrid power system

All parameters are fully programable.

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